What does the Hispanic market offer the pork industry?

Answer: Countless Opportunities. Until now, there were very few marketing efforts aimed at Hispanic consumers. That’s all about to change with a new marketing push by the National Pork Board.

“Hispanic marketing is growing, not only in the major urban areas but in unexpected areas,” says John Hagerla, NPB vice president of retail marketing. A couple of examples he gives are Indiana, where the Hispanic population more than doubled, primarily in the Indianapolis area, and North Carolina, where this population segment grew by more than 393 percent in the past few years.

“In some markets, not only is the Hispanic market large, but buying power is strong,” he contends. Take Los Angeles, Hispanics make up 39 percent of the population, but 56 percent of total grocery expenditures.

As a whole, Hispanic food and beverage spending in the United States increased 248 percent while in the general market it grew only 113 percent, according to Standard & Poor’s DRI, October 2000.

These examples alone are reason enough for the pork industry to tap into this virtually untouched market. But there are several challenges.

“The key is appealing to the growing market segments without alienating their core customers,” explains Hagerla. “Also, supermarket chains are trying to balance an efficient national marketing program with localized Hispanic programs and maintain profitability.”