You understand the importance of a biosecurity program to your herd's long-term health. Yet, on-farm plans often are overly strict or aren't strict enough, providing nothing more than window dressing.

To determine how well your operation and facilities are protected from swine disease introduction, take the following quiz. Some of the answers are specific to your operation; others test your knowledge of disease transmission. It can serve as a base for identifying weaknesses in your program. Better yet, have your employees take the quiz or make it a part of an upcoming staff meeting.

Involve your veterinarian in the process. The answers you generate can serve as a springboard to form or revise a biosecurity plan that fits your operation.

1. How far away are your swine facilities from neighbors who have pigs on their premises? Why is this important?

2. List common ways that disease can be transmitted to a hog operation or facility?

3. List the vehicles that come on to our farm on a weekly basis. Which ones pose a biosecurity risk?

4. Which diseases are transmissible by birds, rodents or other animals?

5. What swine diseases do or can humans transmit?

6. What diseases are most difficult to purge, even after cleaning and disinfecting a room or facility?

7. Locate the "clean" and "dirty" areas in your operation.

8. How should you be handling dead sows, pigs and afterbirth?

9. Describe the proper procedures for allowing on-farm visitors.

10. What biosecurity areas do you believe to pose the highest threat to your system's health status and why?