It's your priority every day to ensure your animals' well-being. But it involves more than common sense, and with inexperienced workers filling jobs on pork operations, guidelines can help see that your practices are up to par. Now the latest information on animal care is available thanks to a newly revised publication.

"The revised Swine Care Handbook provides pork producers with a comprehensive resource of information," explains Kathy Chinn, a pork producer from Clarence, Mo. Chinn is chairman of the National Pork Board's animal welfare committee.

"We reviewed current national and international research to update the Swine Care Handbook and that new information is incorporated into the manual," notes Chinn. "Incorporating the information into our operations will do the right thing for our animals. It will demonstrate that producers continue to be responsible, and it will preserve the trust that the public has in our product."

The checkoff-funded Swine Care Handbook includes chapters focusing on animal practices, animal husbandry, environmental management, facilities, equipment, feeding, nutrition and herd-health management.

You can order individual copies of the Swine Care Handbook at no charge from the National Pork Board's ordering department at (515) 223-2621.

It also is available on the Internet. The specific address for the booklet is