Going from a cook to webmaster isn't a logical jump for most people, but it is for Jim Huss, Iowa State University extension specialist. He is using his experience in educating restaurant customers about food safety and is putting related information on the Internet.

Huss coordinates the work of the Food Safety and Quality Team, which developed a food safety education program located at http://www. extension.iastate.edu/foodsafety. Thanks to a grant from the Food Safety Consortium, the Web site will educate consumers about foodborne pathogens, what makes up a safe kitchen and food safety control points.

The project provides daily international food-safety news in partnership with the University of Guelph. You'll also find an interactive set of four food-safety lessons that incorporates animation, sound and three-dimensional graphics. Consumers of all ages will enjoy the site.

www. extension.iastate.edu/foodsafety