Goliath Supercenter stores are all the rage, except when it comes to meat and produce purchases.

Those are the findings of a study by Information Resources Inc. that looks at consumer attitudes and purchasing patterns. The Chicago-based research group surveyed consumers about their attitudes, expectations and satisfaction of 47 different retailers in 16 markets.

Here's a rundown of the meat-based results:

  • Supercenters are gaining popularity, tallying 5 million new customers in 2001. Traditional grocers paid the price in terms of trips to and dollars spent at their stores.
  • When it comes to purchasing meat and produce, consumers report a distinct preference for traditional grocery stores versus supercenters.
  • Convenience is a major consideration in deciding where to shop – 54 percent say they want to get everything done in a single stop.
  • But, convenience means different things. To some shoppers convenience means paying low prices on a wide array of goods as presented in supercenter stores regardless of the travel distance. Less price-sensitive consumers prefer nearby stores that provide grocery/drug combinations.