The summer grilling season is in full swing. According to National Eating Trends 2006 conducted by the NPD Group, grill usage has reached an all-time high with 31.5 percent of households using a grill at dinnertime. More than half of U.S. households grill regularly during the summer, and pork makes up one-fourth of those grilled offerings.

Unique pork cuts and seasonings offer retailers some strong opportunities this grilling season, notes NPD. Pork tenderloin kebabs are a lean, boneless option that can be flavored in a variety of ways. Boneless pork chops also are a lean, convenient option gaining popularity on the grill. The boneless pork chop is a favorite because it easily adapts to a variety of cooking methods.

Consumers also will find reduced pork prices at the meat case. According to FreshLook Marketing Syndicated Data and Leemis Promo Data 2005, ribs are featured 21 percent more frequently during summer months, with sales 12 percent higher than in the average month. Sausage is featured 26 percent more often, with sales up 7 percent compared to other months of the year. Pork chops, pork steaks and other fresh value-added pork cuts receive increased featuring at 3 percent, 12 percent and 40 percent respectively.