For businesses to thrive in a world of change, owners, managers and employees must include several essential consider-ations in their business planning, says Robert Milligan, agricultural econo-mist, Cornell University.

Here he outlines some of those considerations.

  • Accept ambiguity: A certain amount of ambiguity is an essential part of the planning process. There are few black and white situa-tions or absolute right or wrong answers.
  • Share information and experiences.
  • Make full use of the people around you. Consult profes-sionals for information and assistance in analyzing alternatives and making decisions.
  • Outline a vision for your business.

"Coping with change means learning not only about technology, but also about people," contends Milligan. " Businesses that will thrive in the future are those that plan proactively around change by being open to new and/or multiple ways of doing things."