Standing sentry is not likely to happen on your pork operation even though it’s not a bad idea. Deterring other peoples’ access to the farm is the first step in preventing intruders, according to a new checkoff-funded Security Guide for Pork Producers.

The guide’s author, Sandy Amass, DVM and director of the National Biosecurity Resource Center at Purdue University, says it’s not practical for you to implement all of the procedures. Rather, you need to review your operation and determine which ones are practical for your situation.

Here’s a look at some tips to prevent unauthorized entry into your operation:

  • Limit farm entry to one gate road. Keep the gate locked when not in use.
  • Secure the farm perimeter using fencing.
  • Minimize the entrances to restricted areas within the farm. Keep restricted areas locked when not in use.
  • Have occupied homes or offices at roads that lead to the farm to help prevent unauthorized intruders.
  • Place buzzers on entrance gates to alert you when a vehicle or person has crossed them.
  • Don’t publicize vacation times or other times when you’re not going to be around or when buildings will be vacant.
  • Minimize places where people can easily hide within and around the farm.
  • Ensure that areas within and surrounding farm buildings are well lit. Try to have back-up lighting for emergencies.

For more information about the guide, contact the National Pork Board at (515) 223-2600.