As of last month, Starbucks has moved deeper into the breakfast realm. The coffee Mecca rolled out two new hot breakfast sandwiches as part of a new "pairings" menu promotion that features coffee and food item combinations for $3.95.

The new sandwiches include:

  • An Artisan Bacon Sandwich, with a parmesan egg frittata, smoked bacon slices and Gouda cheese on an artisan roll, 
  • An Artisan Ham Sandwich, again with the parmesan egg frittata, but with three slices of Black Forest ham and mild cheddar on an artisan roll.

The pairing menu previously included a Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and the Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Starbucks officials point out that the pairings menu is in response to "the economic pressures facing its customers." The concept is a coffee/breakfast option that offers value and helps the Seattle-based chain compete with fast-food chains for that coveted on-the-go morning diner.