Speaking up for agriculture has never been more important than today. There’s certainly a need to counter a variety of animal-rights, environmental and “family farm” activists.

There are several Web sites dedicated to speaking up for agriculture and helping farmers and ranchers do the same. Here are three:

  • Faces of Agriculture is a nationwide, grass-roots organization designed to promote all of production agriculture by providing producers with information so they can confidently champion their industry. In addition, an e-mail newsletter, Loos Lips, is written by Faces of Agriculture founder Trent Loos. To learn more about the Web site or newsletter go to www.facesofag.com.
  • Michele Payn-Knoper is a professional speaker who advocates agriculture and encourages producers and agribusinesses to become better spokespeople for their industry. She has an e-mail newsletter and Web site that promote advocating agriculture. For more information go to www.michelepaynknoper.com/
  • The Animal Agriculture Alliance is an organization designed to teach the general media and consumers about the sound science of farm-animal well-being. The Alliance’s mission is to support and promote animal-agriculture practices that provide farm-animal well-being through sound science and public education. To learn more about the Animal Agriculture Alliance go to www.animalagalliance.org