A high-protein, low-fat pork product with the consistency of cotton candy? Take a look at “meat floss,” a new product that may boost pork consumption in U.S. and foreign markets.

“It’s quite versatile,” says Herb Ockerman, the Ohio State University meat scientist who developed the product. “It could be a stand-alone snack, a topping for salads, an ingredient in soups, casseroles or main dishes. Meat floss requires no refrigeration.

To create the dried-meat product, he uses the pork shoulder – a cut that’s challenged pork product marketers. A similar product in the Orient is made from ham. But the shoulder keeps the cost down.

Meat floss is tender and crispy, not tough and chewy like some other dried-meat products, Ockerman contends.

“You could almost call it fluffy,” he says. “But its best attribute is the flavor, which you can easily alter by seasoning or changing the processing technique.”

Because it carries flavors well, the meat floss can be added to chicken, tuna or other dishes to add protein, nutrients and flavor without boosting fat levels.

Ockerman says several food companies have shown interest in the product.

Imagine, if the product catches on, you could find the pork industry advising you to “floss” at every meal.