J & D Manufacturing has launched an addition to its Web site. You can now view features and specifications on all of the products that the company manufactures for the pork industry. These include recirculation and exhaust fans, curtain systems, evaporative-pad cooling, high-pressure and low-pressure fogging and misting systems, stall systems, ceiling and wall inlets, and lighting.

With the Web site’s revision, you can download every page of the current catalog in PDF format and even e-mail the literature pages directly to a friend or colleague.

“Over the last year we have worked hard on the content and friendly new user interface,” says Tonya Lofgren, on behalf of  J & D Manufacturing. “We are confident that the new Web site will be an important resource for all of our dealers and our potential customers.”

To access the new site, click here. To call the company, dial (800) 998-2398.