Lysine is an essential amino acid that has a significant impact on pig growth. Now, Vita Plus introduces Mentor, a new, Web-based software program that accurately determines the dietary lysine requirement of pigs at any given weight. The program also creates farm-specific feed budgets for each feeding group based on the animals’ sex, group size, starting and ending weights, and the desired feed-delivery increment.

Mentor helps producers avoid costly overfeeding and underfeeding of their pigs by ensuring the correct amount of lysine at every stage of the growth period,” says Dean Koehler, Vita Plus’ swine technical services manager.

With Mentor, you are able to more closely target specific nutrient requirements during each phase of a group’s overall growth process.  he Vita Plus program also models the impacts of Paylean on the pigs’ growth and feed efficiency, allowing for dynamic adjustments to feed budgets based on each individual feeding group.

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