The first and only injectable source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus is now available to prevent and treat deficiencies of these nutrients in swine, cattle, horses and poultry. Catosal Sterile Solution is an adjunct therapy for animals that are convalescing or susceptible to behavioral or environmental stress. The product is available only by prescription from a veterinarian.

“Catosal is a great supportive therapy for sick animals and an excellent preventative care measure for healthy animals subjected to suppressed feed intakes or stress,” says Todd Firkins, livestock category manager for Bayer Animal Health. “Stress and sickness can severely impact the bottom line of any operation. This product will allow producers to provide better care for their animals by preventing or treating deficiencies of B12 and phosphorus.”

Nutrient deficiencies and other serious problems, especially in animals recovering from health issues, frequently occur due to stress caused by numerous factors including farrowing, shipping and environmental conditions. Catosal Sterile Solution minimizes the effects of nutrient and mineral deficiencies by providing B12, the vitamin compound associated with enhanced liver metabolism and healthy immune response.

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