A swine vaccine has been shown to neutralize the Novel H1N1 2009 influenza virus strain in pigs. According to Newport Laboratories, a study conducted by USDA’s National Animal Disease Center concluded that Newport’s vaccine “demonstrated significant protection” against Novel H1N1 in pigs.

The vaccine was built using strains of traditional swine influenza virus that the manufacturer identified as having the ability to neutralize the Novel H1N1 2009 virus. “As cross-neutralization is a common characteristic among swine influenza strains, it was a natural step to look for strains that would neutralize Novel H1N1,” explains Randy Simonson, Newport chief operating officer.

“While transfer of the virus from pigs to humans is uncommon, all influenza viruses share certain genetic characteristics,” Simonson points out. “Some are closer than others; those that are closer are more likely to demonstrate cross-immunity.” Newport manufactures autogenous or custom vaccines for traditional swine influenza viruses.