Animal identification is key to protecting the health of the U.S. livestock herd, specifically when it comes to effectively controlling animal disease and tracing an outbreak. Premises identification is an important first step to achieving that success. In that vein, USDA has approved the first visual premises-identification number tags for the identification of swine entering harvest channels.

The new tag, manufactured by Destron Fearing, will provide a valuable tool to enhance the traceability of breeding stock and to support the National Animal Identification System. Consisting of a pink tamper-proof button and a pink visual panel stud, each tag carries the official USDA shield, the assigned premises identification number and a notice stating “unlawful to remove.” The tag is not intended for use as a unique individual animal identification. There’s also a space available for you to include an individual management number should you choose to use one.

“Having premises identified is the first step to improving the country’s animal health infrastructure,” says Patrick Webb, National Pork Board’s director of swine health programs.  “The availability of USDA-approved tags for market sows is a logical next step toward enhancing traceability.”

“As the oldest livestock identification manufacturer in the United States, we believe it’s important to provide our customers with new value-added solutions that help keep them ahead of the curve in today’s changing marketplace,” says Joe Grillo, Destron Fearing’s chief executive officer. “We are proud that Destron Fearing is the first to receive NAIS approval for a visual tag.”

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