Swine disease diagnostic information is now available in Spanish. This 36-page publication contains information on 19 swine diseases, necropsy instructions and guidelines on sample submission, and is available from Newport Laboratories.     

For each of the 19 diseases covered, the book includes pictures of affected tissues, clinical signs, the production stage during which the disease generally appears, how it is diagnosed and what tissue specimens to submit to the diagnostic laboratory.

It contains necropsy instructions for both nursery and grow/finish pigs, along with large, color photos demonstrating each step in the necropsy process. An additional page showing basic anatomy, including the location of major organs, also is included.

The manual is designed for use in either the barn or laboratory. All pages are laminated for durability, and the book is contained in a three-ring binder. The manual is $29.95 plus shipping and can be ordered directly from Newport Laboratories by calling (800) 220-2522.