One of the more significant challenges that any pork production unit faces is getting baby pigs to transition to solid feed. Studies have shown the earlier that pigs start gaining on dry feed, the better they’ll perform all the way to market.

UltraCare Pig Starter Feeding Program from Land O’Lakes Purina Feed is a revolutionary system of recently reformulated feeds. They provide superior feed intake and optimal gain, and support immuno-competence for piglets from the farrowing crate to 50 pounds bodyweight.

Support early growth with new UltraCare First Step creep feed. “It tastes so good they won’t be able to keep their noses out of it,” company officials say.

Find out more about First Step creep feed, the latest product from Land O’Lakes Purina Feed, at booth numbers 356-360 in the Varied Industries Building during the 2010 World Pork Expo.