AgManager accounting software now offers many feature updates and a new, easy-to-use interface. According to AgriSolutions, the improvements will further enhance producers’ ability to manage the demands of their modern farm businesses.

The early leader in producers’ implementation of managerial accounting, this customized software comes packaged with individualized set up; technical support; and live and online training, updates and benchmarking. In addition, expert management consultation is available to provide even more financial insight.

“For U.S. farmers and their accountants, modern times demand modern tools,” according to Carolyn Roberts, AgriSolutions assistant director of operations. “All types of agricultural producers today face tighter margins than in the past. Marketing techniques, from hedging to contract sales, add complexity to tracking costs and projecting potential income.”

New AgManager features boost user-friendliness as farm accountants input transactions, monitor financial positions and create reports, Roberts says. There also are updated icons, a new calendar for easy date selection, and a new calculator that quickly updates amount fields and includes an electronic “tape.” All of these features are designed to make data entry and navigation much easier for the user. 

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