A new Web site focusing on swine influenza virus is now available to pork producers and swine veterinarians.

Produced by Pfizer Animal Health, this new Internet resource contains information on the FluSure XP vaccine, how virus strains were chosen for vaccine production, vaccine efficacy, challenge studies and technical information bulletins available for download.

The site also contains a section called “All About SIV,” which provides a history of flu, an SIV library with studies and research on the virus, as well as a glossary of relevant terms and an archive of articles about the disease.

The site is continually updated to always have current information available. The FluSure XP Web site also offers an e-newsletter. Veterinarians and producers can sign up to receive “The A-Z of SIV” for the most recent news and information on SIV management. All e-newsletters will also be available within the Web site for long-term reference.

“FluSure XP is part of a complete defense system which offers innovative solutions for managing SIV,” says Michael Kuhn, senior veterinary services veterinarian for Pfizer Animal Health. “We are proud to make available a Web site for producers and veterinarians that is a comprehensive resource for both the FluSure XP vaccine and swine influenza virus.”