Diversified’s Rotem SuperGuard Piguard Plus Server lets you program and control up to 10 Piguard Plus units. SuperGuard communicates with the units to access history and collect animal-informaion events. It also provides alarms for each Piguard Plus and every controlled device for up to 100 days; complete remote communication is built in with a real-time visual outlook.

The coordinated cursor and positioning scrollbar, quick-access device and feature selection, as well as a large numeric keypad are all easily accessible on the SuperGuard.

Equipped with an easy programming interface, it provides the ability to edit outputs for all major features. It has a 4 x 20 character LCD, which provides display feedback on the programming and device status.

Included in the SuperGuard is an alarm center for all Piguard Plus units. It also features a real-time display with a clock, a data plug for quick program transfer and multi-lingual support.

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