Today, you can separate manure solids quickly and efficiently with help from XACT Systems. The company has introduced the high-efficiency, low-maintenance Centrisys Dewatering System to the U.S. pork industry, giving pork producers access to the high-performance dewatering technology for manure management and separation.  

Hog-manure solids have a very fine makeup, and separating such fine solids has been a challenge. With XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System you can expect solids removal of 75 percent or more from liquid hog manure.

Removing the largest amount of the suspended solids as possible is very important for lagoon and soil-nutrient management. A tremendous reduction in solids in lagoons means reduced odor and, consequently, happier neighbors.   It also means a reduced need for lagoon clean-outs, which translates to lower management costs. 

Considerable odor control is possible with the Centrisys Dewatering technology. The liquid manure is separated within the enclosed centrifuge and the amount of odor released to the surrounding air is minimal. Reduced solids in lagoons reduces odor.

The fact that high levels of solids are removed means there will be better nutrient management when both the liquids and solids are applied to the land. The XACT Systems Centrisys Dewatering System also has demonstrated its ability to reduce the phosphorus content of the liquid effluent that the system discharges. This nutrient-balanced liquid is ideal for irrigation and is easier to apply to land whether through a pivot system or trailer applicator. The huge reduction in phosphorus allows pork producers to apply much more liquid manure portion to the land, reducing pumping and hauling costs.

Centrisys Dewatering System is mounted on a substantial metal frame completely pre-wired and plumbed for fast economical installation.

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