Biosecurity measures are now more important than ever to protect your employees and your herd. Glutex Sanitizers, with proven broad efficacy against bacteria, viruses and fungi, can be an important part of a comprehensive biosecurity program because it controls microbial contamination in different environments.

 Glutex products have been proven effective against more than 15 avian and swine viruses including SARS-associated coronavirus, porcine circovirus, porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome, H5N1/H6N2 influenza and hog cholera.  Dow Microbial Control is currently working with independent microbiological testing facilities to produce efficacy data for Glutex products against the new Type A H1N1 influenza strain.

 For detailed instructions on the use of Glutex products, including use by spraying or fogging a facility, consult the product label and technical information.

For additional information or to purchase Glutex Sanitizers, call (800) 447-4369. You can contact a Glutex distributor in the United States by calling Ivesco at (800) 457-0118.