The 2007 QuickBooks is now available. For Quick Books 2005 users, this is the time to upgrade.

Some of the 2007 changes include:

  • Payroll Set-up Screen: The revised payroll setup interview has made this step-by-step process much easier to understand, featuring more complete explanations. Simply follow the instructions, complete the screens, and you are ready to go.
  • Payroll Center: Payroll has the greatest number of changes, making it easier and smoother to create payroll and pay liabilities. In the Payroll Center, you can now create a schedule to tell QuickBooks how often and when you need to create a payroll. When you are ready to create one, click “Start Scheduled Payroll” and create your payroll all on one screen. You can also schedule your taxes for easy payment reminders and create payments from the same section.
  • New E-Pay Feature: New this year in Beta-test format is E-pay, making your payroll taxes in QuickBooks easier to pay than ever. With E-pay, you set up federal and selected state payroll taxes to be e-paid, track the amunts in the Payroll Center, and submit payment information electronically from your QuickBooks company file to the appropriate agency.

Other features include:

  • The Google Marketing Tools icon on the QuickBooks Homepage lets you promote your business on Google Maps.
  • QuickBooks Time Tracker is a subscription-based service that works with QuickBooks so your employees and vendors can track their time online. The subscription is $7 per user, per month. This service is ideal for companies whose employees work outside of the primary location and need to track time for billing purposes.

Other changes with QuickBooks 2007 involve the System Requirements:

  • A minimum of 1.8GHz P3 processor, up from 1GHz last year.
  • Memory, from 256 MB RAM to 512 MB RAM.
  • Increased hard-drive space for installation and operation.

For more information, about QuickBooks, visit and view the “What’s New in 2007.”