Purina Mills has reformulated a line of Pig Starter Feeds with LEANMetrics Feed Technology. “The new formulation is designed to be highly palatable, boost average daily gains and support immunocompetence,” says Dari Brown, marketing nutritionist at Land O’Lakes Purina Feed. “On-farm, university and LongView research show that the new formulations lead to approximately 5 percent improvement in average daily gain and average daily feed intake during day 0 to 35 after weaning.  This means increased profits for pork producers.”

In addition, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Swine Research has developed a solution to assist transitioning pigs — an innovative soft-moist pig starter for the older weaned pig (12 to 15 lbs.) called Healthy Edge Pig Starter. Its unique, soft-granule form optimizes palatability for early acceptance and assists in gut integrity and immunity to maximize pig performance after weaning. 

“The LEANMetrics Feed Technology allows Purina Mills to match starter feeds to producers’ genetics, facilities and management practices, while providing consistent results and excellent value,” Brown says.

Developed at the LongViewAnimalNutritionCenter for pigs ranging from nursery to 50 pounds, the new starter feed line is formulated with intake enhancers and microbial supplements to support maximum immunocompetence and intestinal integrity in baby pigs. 

Purina Mills Pig Starter Feeds with LEANMetrics Feed Technology are available from local Purina Mills dealers. For more information and availability, go to www.purinapigstarters.com.