Elanco Animal Health’s Pulmotil has become the first product available via an electronic VFD, which meets all Food and Drug Administration requirements for electronic signatures.

“Moving to an Internet-based process is the next logical step for a VFD product such as Pulmotil. It allows easier fulfillment and communication between veterinarians and feed mills producing the medicated feed, which benefits producers and their animals,” says Ginger Pelger, DVM, an Elanco swine technical consultant.

The electronic-VFD process for Pulmotil was created by partnering with GlobalVetLink, an Ames, Iowa-based firm that specializes in Web-based animal-health applications. “The electronic-VFD process actually improves upon the old, hand-written system because it allows for the most responsible way to create, sign, transmit and store the necessary information for compliance with FDA electronic regulations,” Pelger says.

The electronic-VFD system will help veterinarians create VFDs for clients more easily and accurately by using its built-in computation for product usage and label compliance, says Kevin Maher, president of GlobalVetLink. Pork producers and feed-mill operators will have an easier time understanding the electronic-VFD contents compared to paper-based systems. “It can help reduce errors,” he adds. Data gathered for electronic VFDs can be used with other applications, such as health certificates, available through GlobalVetLink.

“The electronic-VFD process is certainly a welcome improvement for time-crunched veterinarians and their clients,” says Sylvia Wolters, clinic manager at the Minnesota-based Pipestone Veterinary Clinic. She particularly appreciates the improved communication through the electronic-VFD process, which automatically sends an e-mail notice to a feed mill two weeks before a VFD is set to expire for a given producer or farm.

The Web-based system is very intuitive; you simply need a computer and an Internet connection. “The most important thing the electronic VFD does is to get medication to animals that need it, when they need it, at the proper dose,” Pelger says.

Interested veterinarians can learn more about adopting the electronic-VFD process at www.globalvetlink.com.