Every grower wants to optimize the yield potential of his or her corn crop. Now, Instinct nitrogen stabilizer gives growers confidence that they are effectively protecting their nitrogen (UAN) and liquid-manure applications at the plant root zone.

“Instinct is proven technology in an innovative, encapsulated formulation from Dow AgroSciences, the leader in nitrogen stabilization for more than 35 years,” says Andrew Simeonidis, the company’s senior marketing specialist.

Instinct protects nitrogen at the plant root zone, keeping it easily available to corn during key yield-determining growth stages. Studies also show that nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in Instinct, optimizes the yield potential of corn by increasing grain protein, improving the plant’s standability, reducing the risk of stalk rot and enabling faster crop dry-down.  

On-farm field trials have shown that fields treated with Instinct out-yielded non-treated fields by an average of 5 bushels per acre.

Instinct supports environmentally beneficial farming practices by reducing nitrogen leaching into groundwater and reducing de-nitrification — the escape of nitrogen into the atmosphere. As an encapsulated product, it can remain on the soil surface for up to 10 days, giving growers maximum flexibility in application timing.

“Instinct keeps nitrogen where it belongs — in the soil,” says Chris Berry, market development specialist with Dow AgroSciences.

To learn more about Instinct, see the link at porkmag.com/environment.