Now you can harvest corn with precision guidance. Combines equipped with John Deere’s new AutoTrac RowSense help you navigate down the row at optimal harvesting speeds and can help maneuver combines around curves, through waterways or through weedy areas.

“AutoTrac Row Sense is the next step to pinpoint accuracy in corn harvesting,” says Laura Robson, senior marketing representative, John Deere Ag Management Solutions. “This new system works by integrating GPS data from the StarFire Receiver with mechanical-feeler data from new row sensors located on the corn head.”

Steering is handled by the AutoTrac system while the cornhead, with RowSense, makes small adjustments to keep the machine on the row to maximize harvest, even in downed corn.

“This system also helps reduce operator fatigue,” Robson explains. “The operator doesn’t have to make constant steering adjustments and can focus on header and separator performance. The operator can avoid  obstacles in the field and make adjustments for varying crop conditions.”

The key to this new technology is the RowSense system that allows for harvesting in variable conditions. With downed corn, weedy conditions or reduced visibility of the rows, the corn-head-sensing system actually feels the base of the corn stalk and ensures that the operator stays on the row without having to manually steer the machine.

“Growers will truly appreciate the productivity and efficiency they will gain from this system,” Robson emphasizes. “They can harvest more acres in less time because AutoTrac RowSense helps maintain a consistent, optimum harvesting speed. It is available for this year’s harvest.”

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