Now you can offer your Spanish-speaking employees certification in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program through Webinars in Spanish. By certifying those employees in their own language it ensures their understanding and support of the industry’s efforts to maintain a safe, high-quality pork supply. These Webinars also will help your employees become a part of the We Care Initiative.

Certified advisers personally conduct the Web seminars for employees gathered at a central location or conference room. Participants will need a touch-tone phone with a speaker and an Internet connection. Ideal group size is 10 to 15 employees, but that’s for you to decide based on the facilities.

The Webinar contains the same material that’s covered in the live session. In general, the program focuses on food safety and animal well-being, and is built around the industry’s 10 Good Production Practices.

Webinar forms and registration fees need to be completed about two weeks in advance to ensure that the course materials arrive on time. Employees should receive their certifications within two weeks after completing the program.

A CD will be available soon with a summary of the program, which can be used as a review or as a pre-seminar training tool. It will contain a program summary as well as a test to assist in training and evaluation.

The Webinar duration will be about 2.5 hours with a short break about half way through. Names, dates of birth and mailing addresses for each participant as well as the signature of the manager or person in charge confirming the participants’ identi- ties are required. Those forms are available upon request.

The registration fee is $295 for each location. This includes the webinar presentation, materials and certifications.

Sessions can be scheduled on an individual company basis. Arrange for sessions by calling Orlando Gil at (712) 240-0624 or see the link at