PIC is building its new Apex genetic nucleus farm in Mound City, S.D., and will equip the new facility with Feed Intake Recording Equipment — FIRE feeders — manufactured by Osborne Industries. In addition, PIC is using Osborne testing equipment at the Aurora farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, and at the Mt. Gilead Farm in Adolphus, Ky.

FIRE feeders automate the measurement of the total feed that each individual animal within a test group eats daily. It also measures the feed weight of each meal as well as the number of meals that each animal consumes daily.  Every pig is tagged with an RFID tag in its right ear, and each FIRE feeder is equipped with an antenna that reads the individual pig’s RFID tag, sending the information to a database in a farm computer. PIC is a long-time Osborne Industries customer.

For more information about the FIRE system, go to porkmag.com/equipment