Miller Electric introduces a cost-effective option for farm and ranch aluminum fabrication and repair work. The new Spoolmate 200 spool gun features handle-based wire-feed speed adjustment, as well as a 20-foot power cable and lets you conveniently adjust wire parameters while working at a distance from a power source.

The Spoolmate 200 also offers curved and extended barrel options, ideal for tight and difficult-to-reach joint configurations. Also improving joint access, the shielding gas hose is bundled within the power cable assembly, removing an obstruction common in many aluminum spool guns. For higher-amperage aluminum welding, an optional heavy-duty barrel also is available.

“We designed the Spoolmate 200 to withstand the durability and ease-of-use demands of professional welders while considering the needs of do-it-yourself welders who need a medium-duty cycle spool gun at an economical price point,” says Chris Roehl, product manager for Miller Electric.

For added convenience, the Spoolmate 200 contains a built-in gas solenoid, allowing you to switch processes without changing gas cylinders.