Now you can add to your soybean yield. Pioneer Hi-Bred announced a new generation of soybean varieties that will deliver unprecedented productivity gains to soybean growers. The new Y Series soybeans is the largest commercial product line to be launched in Pioneer’s 82-year history.

Pioneer will bring to market 32 new varieties of the Y series soybeans for 2009. It would be enough seed to plant about 9 million acres. The entire line has demonstrated a 5 percent yield advantage, with some varieties yielding 6 percent to 10 percent better than their competitors. 

“The Y Series generation of Pioneer soybean varieties represents the combination of all of our industry-leading soybean research capabilities into a single game-changing package,” says Paul Schickler, Pioneer president and DuPont vice president and general manager. “With the Y Series yield advantage, this new line has the potential to add about 19 million bushels of soybeans into U.S. production.”

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