Now, you can get help to load feed trucks accurately and efficiently. The revolutionary new automated Laser Loader System from Easy Automation allows for automatic loading of feed trucks with limited human assistance. The system is designed for high-volume operations that desire to speed up, improve safety and accuracy, and also reduce errors from the process. 

Utilizing radio frequency ID tags mounted on the trucks, the system automatically identifies each feed truck as it enters the load-out driveway. The system will then pull the feed order corresponding to that truck. Using lasers and other electronic devices, the system will automatically load each type of truck exactly as required.

Without an operator needed to actively control the system, the system will then operate a moveable lorry or a shuttle conveyor to pull the correct feed from a series of overhead bins and deliver and weigh the desired amount into each desired truck compartment while capturing the required weight values for each compartment. 

When the truck loading is complete, the system will print delivery tickets, sample tickets, and send weights for all compartments for the entire load to the feed mill’s information and accounting system for invoicing. 

For more information, e-mail or contact the sales department at Easy Automation in Welcome, Minn. at (800) 397-9736.