“Looking Forward in Times of Transformation” is the theme for this year’s Allen D. Leman Swine Conference. The University of Minnesota-sponsored event will again take place at the
RiverCentre Conference Facility in Saint Paul, Minn.

Today, the pork industry is dealing with more than its share of uncertainty and disruption. prior to the recession, the outlook for all meat industries was growing in complexity, with mounting
pressures related to feed costs, animal well-being and the environment.

This spring, the pork sector suffered substantial and unwarranted market fallout from the “swine flu” misnomer that was placed on the Type a H1N1 virus outbreak.

So, what does the future hold?

  • Will previously bullish estimates of growth in long-term global demand for meat truly come to pass?
  • To what extent will international and domestic pressures on animal wellbeing influence future operations?
  • Will instability in energy prices and the fate of the ethanol industry continue to contribute to input
    cost volatility?
  • Will energy consumption and “carbon footprint” concerns of meat industries impact consumer preferences or lead to regulatory constraints?
  • Will real or perceived zoonotic threats trump all other concerns?

Keynote speakers and breakout-session presenters will discuss those topics and more. Technology, research updates, and disease prevention, control and surveillance will all have a
spot on the schedule.

There will be a special “focus on influenza” as fall approaches and perhaps round two of Type a H1N1
challenges. part of the focus will be a discussion of new developments in flu management under the “old flu” environment; another part will address the new landscape post-april 2009.