A high-health swine genetic nucleus, featuring Maxgro terminal sires, is being established at Hermitage Roseland artificial insemination station in Gwynne, Alberta, according to Hermitage NGT. The Maxgro is Hermitage’s leading terminal sire. It is setting new records for growth and feed efficiency across markets in Europe and Russia, company officials point out. 

The Maxgro line produces fast-growing and highly efficient animals that will reduce feed costs, according to the company’s studies. The first boars and gilts were delivered to Canada in mid-September.

Hermitage officials point out that the Maxgro animals will go through the same rigorous performance testing as other Hermitage purebred animals and participate in the Hermitage International BLUP process. The top-performing animals will be used to establish a genetic nucleus herd in the United States.

Contact Hermitage NGT for details on how you can make Maxgro part of your production system. For more information, go to porkmag.com/reproduction.