A new application for iPhone users is now available from AccuWeather.com. The free application includes an array of weather forecast information plus weather alarms and health indices.

“The iPhone has helped push boundaries within the mobile industry and the handset has been a great innovation driver,” says David Mitchell, director of wireless services for AccuWeather.com. “AccuWeather.com is happy to introduce something new and better for this audience — the best free, location-aware weather application available today, complete with our unique weather alarms and weather-related health information.”

The new AccuWeather.com application for the iPhone offers a wide range of weather information benefits including:

  • Location-aware, limiting the need to enter user locations.
  • Animated, user-centric radar and satellite.
  • Five-day local forecasts with high and low temperatures and sky conditions for day and night.
  • Hour-by-hour forecasts.
  • Weather videos including national, regional and local forecasts as well as breaking weather news, lifestyle weather and several other informative choices.
  • Health weather indices including ultraviolet, air-quality, arthritis and flu.

The proprietary AccuWeather.com weather alarms issue notifications to users based on certain bad weather parameters that are independent of government-issued alerts. The weather alarms warn users of impending rain, snow, ice, wind and thunderstorms. The AccuWeather.com application also relays government-issued weather alerts when applicable for the user’s area.

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