Preventing reproductive diseases is a priority in most operations and it makes sound economic sense. The parvovirus-leptospirosis-erysipelas disease complex can lead to reproductive failure, including stillbirths, abortions, mummified fetuses, infertility and/or weak-born pigs.

For the entire PLE complex, a prophylactic approach is best. That means vaccinating sows and gilts prior to infection to help ensure high productivity via large, healthy litters of pigs.

Now, MaGESTic 7 is back in the marketplace with 50-dose and 125-dose vials to supply pork producers with a safe, 2-mL vaccine to control reproductive diseases.

Known for its safety and proven efficacy in controlling porcine parvovirus, leptospirosis and erysipelas, MaGESTic 7 is easy to administer and features reduced local reactions when compared to some competitive PLE products.

Administer one 2-mL dose via intramuscular injection to gilts six weeks prior to breeding, followed by a second dose 14 to 28 days later. Revaccinate sows with one dose prior to each breeding, and vaccinate boars semi-annually.

The vaccine manufacturer, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, is confident pork producers will see the value and safety of MaGESTic 7. The company is offering the chance to “Prove it to Yourself” with 250 free doses to the first 100 respondents.

The “Prove it to Yourself” program allows veterinarians and producers to receive 250 doses of MaGESTic 7, in either 50-dose or 125-dose bottles for evaluation purposes at no charge. Participants are asked to provide an evaluation-results summary according to program guidelines. Intervet/Schering-Plough sales and technical service personnel will present the program and arrange follow-up and evaluation form submissions.

For more information on the evaluation program, contact Tracy Tinberg at