HerdStar’s BinTrac VMI (vendor-managed inventory) provides timely and accurate feed-bin levels, as well as predicting feed disappearance. The objective is to prevent feed outages or emergency feed deliveries.

“BinTrac Pro sensors deliver cost-effective and accurate bin weights, which help feed mills manage their customers’ feed inventories,” says Mark Jaeger, HerdStar’s design engineer. The VMI Web-based software remotely monitors hourly feed usage, computes reorder points, produces feed orders and confirms feed deliveries.  It also helps spot feed bridging, auger timeouts and equipment malfunctions in the barn’s feed-delivery system.

BinTrac VMI automatically generates reorder points for feed bins up to a week in advance. It displays bin inventory on site, as well as remotely, by putting an easy-to-read LED, feed-level monitor on each bin as well as a digital weight readout. This information can be linked to the feed mill or any other location via the Internet by adding the VMI solution.

For more details, go to www.HerdStar.com.