Now, there’s a new form of fly control to battle summer infestations. Neporex 2SG, recently approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, halts larval growth and prevents adult fly development for improved farm hygiene.

Neporex 2SG is sold in a convenient granular formulation that can be applied dry or mixed with water for an easy-to-use liquid spray.  This effective solution stops house-fly and stable-fly larvae from growing into serious infestations, which can spread diseases through and across herds.

“We have learned, through closely working with livestock producers, that flies are more than just a nuisance,” says Steve Boren, head of the U.S. farm animal business at Novartis. They are a herd-health risk. 

Neporex specifically targets fly larvae and is especially well-suited for use within an integrated fly-control program.  Its unique mode of action controls the larvae of both susceptible and multi-resistant flies. The product is available from U.S. animal-health distributors in all states except California.

For more information, contact Novartis at (800) 637-0281.