Circovirus is at the top of producers’ list of things to watch, and porcine circovirus associated disease is the reason why.

To help find answers, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica has initiated the MAGIC program, a monitoring system to help pork producers and veterinarians identify, assess and monitor PCVAD disease-risk factors.

The MAGIC program has the herd veterinarian conduct a thorough survey of a producer’s swine-health program and review relevant diagnostic screenings to establish an accurate benchmark for disease status.

“Because circovirus-induced disease is most often dependent on the presence of other diseases such as porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, Mycoplasma and swine influenza, it’s critical to conduct a thorough assessment of a swine farm’s disease situation,” says John Kolb, DVM, BIVI technical manager.

Much of what will be learned from the surveys and PCAVD epidemiology can be shared with the pork industry to boost the overall understanding, says Kolb. Results of specific MAGIC assessments and diagnostic tests will be fed back to producers and veterinarians to make disease-management decisions.

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