By signing up to receive free podcasts, pork producers can hear an industry expert discuss nutrition and production issues each month. The podcast series, entitled “The Hub,” was developed by Hubbard Feeds and is now available to producers.

Each episode of The Hub will feature an expert in pork production, drawn from Hubbard Feed’s technical staff as well as from various industry professionals.

“The podcasts will allow us to share this information and our research in a very timely way,” says Lori Stevermer, swine product manager at Hubbard Feeds. “With the automatic subscription, producers can listen to the experts at their convenience, plus replay the information as they wish.”

The Hub podcasts are the newest addition to the tips and tools that Hubbard Feeds has developed to deliver critical information in a timely manner to livestock producers, including nutrition management guides, information sheets and calculators.

The Hub podcasts will be e-mailed automatically to participants each month. For information about how to sign up and start receiving the podcasts, go to: