The first Windows-based swine-finishing software program to meet the pork industry’s demands is now available. It’s the Windows-based PigChamp Care Grow/Finish Program and PigChamp Mobile system. 

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers a complete suite of Windows-based products,” says Bob Brcka, PigChamp general manager. “The swine industry is undergoing tough times, and we believe this product will help producers streamline data and be able to use the information  at their fingertips more effectively and efficiently.” 

The Care Grow/Finish program gives pork producers information in an easy-to-use format whether production operates within a continuous-flow, all-in/all-out, double-stocked or split-group system. Care Grow/Finish tracks groups of pigs throughout their life-cycles, all the way through production and back to the source. It contains powerful data analysis tools that let you compare performance at any level of the organization, be it farm-to-farm, group-to-group or across the country. 

Care Grow/Finish also has substantial options for customization and data filtering. Finally, it allows you to compare actual performance to performance targets. It provides growth and performance reports, management reports, feed-use and budget reports as well as health and financial reports.

A perfect companion to the Care 3000 program, the new PigChamp Mobile system lets you collect data electronically and transfer it easily to the Care 3000 program. This saves time, eliminates paperwork and ensures data accuracy.  PigChamp Mobile is designed to work on any device that supports the Windows Mobile platform. 

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