Pork production employers and workers now have another place to hook up. PigCareers.com, an online agricultural human resource site designed to connect individuals and companies for employment in the pork industry, is now available.

PigCareers.com delivers swine-related job information, job postings, resume postings and other relevant career- and work-related information regarding the pork sector.    

“When you look at specific career Web sites, there aren’t many that relate specifically to the pork production industry,” says Jim Eadie, from PigCareers.com. He wanted to provide a career forum that was specific to the pork industry.

“We believe the swine sector has many exciting opportunities and we need to continue to market this sector,” he says.     

Employers and job seekers can post resumes or jobs relating to the pork market.  All postings will be available for free for a limited time. The site also includes featured job listings, related videos and other information useful and relevant to the career side of the sector.

“The swine markets have been so volatile recently, we feel our site is a strong positive for the industry as we look forward to a strong rebound in 2009,” says Martin Cserhati from PigCareers.com.

To contact PigCareers.com, you can also call (519) 438-0444.