It’s never been more important to get maximum nutrient value out of every pound of feed that gets delivered to a barn. Now, Feedlogic Corp. introduces the FeedSaver S-Series for pork producers with all-in/all-out pig flows who are seeking to lower production costs through improved feed utilization.

“With the many diet phases fed in different stages of swine production, the industry is being challenged to manage feed deliveries and feed budgets,” says Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president.

The FeedSaver S-Series addresses those issues by automatically creating the correct diets at the barn using just two or three base diets. Diets can be dedicated to specific feed bins, making it easier for the feed mill to plan deliveries and reducing the chance of errors made by feed truck drivers.

The system measures every pound of feed pulled from bins and dispensed into feed lines, ensuring that pigs receive only the budgeted amount of a specific diet before placing them on the next diet. Bin inventories are constantly updated in the system, and the feed mill can be alerted automatically when levels are critically low.

The S-Series constantly collects feed-intake data, allowing a producer to track growth and performance throughout a group’s turn. It is easily retrofitted into virtually any swine production facility. Most producers can expect to see a return in less than 12 months, represented by lower feed costs, reduced feed waste and more focused management.

To help with the technology adoption, you can purchase, lease or rent the FeedSaver S-Series.

“With the current difficulties faced by producers, we recognize that not everyone is in the position to purchase right now,” Ryder says.

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