Carthage Veterinary Service, an internationally recognized swine veterinary consulting practice, has developed a compact disc series to help eliminate language barriers within swine farms and increase production. The “Swine Farm Language Guide” provides both English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English audio translations for words and phrases commonly used in pork production. A durable flipbook provides written translations of all information contained on the program's six CDs.

The series translates hundreds of words and phrases including basic greetings, such as “Good morning” (Buenos días), and specific animal-husbandry directions, such as “Check sows that are off feed” (Revise a las cerdas que no coman).

The CDs also include translations for frequently asked questions and basic communication, such as the days of the week, colors, months and more. Approximately 450 swine farm vocabulary words are translated; a few samples include:

  • Weaning age: Edad al destete
  • Split suckling: Amamantamiento dividido
  • Open sow: Cerda abierta

The Swine Farm Language Guide is ideal for production systems with English- and Spanish-speaking employees, as well as for veterinarians, company representatives, service personnel and other advisors.

You can buy the series of six CDs plus the flipbook for $300. For more information or to place an order, call (217) 357-2811 or visit www.hogvet.cEliminating Language Barriersom.