M. H. EBY has redesigned and improved its line of all-aluminum gooseneck livestock trailers, including the Maverick, Wrangler and Ruff Neck models. These new models are EBY’s most refined, strongest and quietest ever.

Some of the new features include:

  • Redesigned sliding rear door with four resilient rollers for smooth, quiet operation; the door track is removable for easy service.
  • A rust-free, stainless-steel door latch is spring-loaded with an oversized handle that operates easily, even you’re wearing gloves.
  • All-LED lighting is standard, creating brighter light, with a long-life guarantee; this is available with an optional stylish chrome bezel.
  • Repositioned fender-identification lights offer better visibility and durability. Wiring has been relocated for greater protection against corrosion.
  • Exclusive durable synthetic bushing on the landing gear crank provides easy, quiet
  • Innovative, strong new latch on the nose gate is quick and easy to close; it simply slams shut like a pickup tailgate. There is a convenient step for access into the nose.
  • Redesigned nose has extruded front corners for greater strength and dent resistance; it’s available with mill finish, polished aluminum or stainless-steel overlay. Sleek new corner caps include updated aerodynamics.

EBY continues to develop features for added strength, extended product life, enhanced fuel economy, user convenience and cargo safety. For more information, go to www.mheby.com.