Two new replacement rubber-track patterns for use on compact track loaders offer a smooth ride and reduced vibration. The new Bobcat Multi-Bar Lug and EarthForce Bar Lug replacement rubber tracks provide loaders with superior traction and ultimate operator comfort.

Uniformly wound cables and the elimination of connection points help create the most durable track available on the market today. The new tread pattern minimizes vibration, thus increasing the longevity of the undercarriage parts as well as improving the operator’s comfort.

The flexible, rubber-track compounds are uniquely formulated to carry the machine’s maximum, full-capacity load. Eliminating the connection points and using the exact same cable length help achieve ultimate durability. Also, the aligned loops of the cable work together for optimal strength. To further prevent rust and debris penetration, the cables are wrapped in nylon fiber net.

The new tracks have different rubber compound densities, which enable the multiple rubber layers to perform different functions. For example, an outside layer comprised of a hard, severe rubber compound provides excellent cut resistance and traction in the roughest terrain. Inside layers, made of a softer durometer, help maintain track flexibility to prevent cracking and weathering.

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