Pork producers now have an updated vaccine to protect their herds from swine influenza virus. The vaccine, FluSure XP, helps build protection against current prevalent SIV strains. The updated vaccine is part of a complete approach to SIV management from Pfizer Animal Health.

“This virus shifts and evolves over time so we’ve formulated FluSure XP to help provide protection against the most contemporary flu strains,” says Mike Kuhn, senior veterinarian for Pfizer. “As part of the FluSure XP Defense System, Pfizer Animal Health is committed to monitoring the emergence of new swine flu strains and updating its vaccine as the industry demands.”

Pfizer scientists chose three viruses for the FluSure XP vaccine formulation: the H1N1 strain found in original FluSure, a human-like H1N1 isolate and a Cluster IV H3N2 isolate. The three strains were chosen on the basis of epidemiological data, as well as cross-reactivity and previous efficacy studies.

“This broad-spectrum vaccine was developed to help protect against the most prevalent strains of swine flu,” Kuhn explains. “It’s important to focus on the right strains and properly balance those strains to ensure that they all help provide protection.”

The FluSure XP Defense System offers innovative solutions to assist producers, including on-farm surveillance, diagnostics and autogenous vaccine development, when needed. The Pfizer SIV Surveillance Team monitors SIV trends to determine which new strains are threatening the industry and when FluSure XP should be updated.

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