Chore-Time Hog Production Systems has an animal-friendly product for pork producers’ gestation stall needs. The system is German-engineered and designed to promote animal comfort. 

The Chore-Time gestation stalls let sows walk freely in and out of individual stalls, giving them more opportunity for exercise. When a sow enters a stall, the door automatically closes behind to provide privacy as it eats. Sows release themselves simply by backing up, which triggers a release latch. You can temporarily lock sows into the stalls to aid breeding and pregnancy scanning. They can be released individually or by groups.

The stalls feature an integrated drop-feeding system that includes solid-steel partitions to reduce sow competition during feeding. The stalls are angled to save space and to discourage sows from stepping into the feed trough. They are constructed of galvanized steel for low maintenance and high durability. They are available for new facilities or can be retrofitted to existing sow barns. For more information, contact Chore-Time at (574) 658-4101, e-mail, or go to