Chore-Time Hog Production Systems has a “more animal-friendly sow farrowing stall system” for producers working to optimize animal wellbeing and productivity. The stalls are German-engineered and are designed based on more than 20 years of experience in Europe.

Specifically, the stalls are designed to utilize space more effectively for animal comfort, create less stress on sows and piglets, offer producers higher piglet weaning weights and lower pre-weaning mortality. The piglet has more space and easy access to the sow for nursing. Plus the design makes it easier for producers to access and care for sows.

The farrowing stalls have eight easy-to-adjust length settings, and four adjustments for width to provide flexibility to meet a sow’s space needs. The crates are suitable for conventional or diagonal stall configurations and can be used to retrofit existing sow facilities, with possible gains of up to 20 percent in improved space utilization.

Available in galvanized or stainless steel for durability and low maintenance, the stalls feature a self-actuated, feed-dispensing system with an easy-to-clean, stainless-steel feed trough and hopper.

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